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Consider all clothing items as delicate. Once received, it is best to hand wash them right away and with care.

 [Gold Mannequin's Measurements]

Chest Waist Height
30"  23"  70" / 177.8cm

[How we take photos]

We normally feature 4 types of photos -- the front view, back view, some closeups, and imperfections (if any). Only if needed, we clip the waist of the mannequin so it could fit better. Most of the time, it is kept loose so that the actual size of the product shows on camera.

That being said, always refer to the exact measurements listed in each product individually.

[Color Display]

95% of the time, we do not change the brightness or the colors of the product photos during post-processing. We want to keep any editing at the minimum so that the photos would show the true colors of the products properly.

But despite our every effort to accurately depict each product's color when documented for our website, actual colors may vary and appear brighter or darker predominantly due to the color display of the computer monitor.

[General Disclaimer]

All products being sold in Hangon/Wagon are thoughtfully curated vintage or secondhand items from around the globe. Each item is unique and therefore differ in condition and sizing. We do our best to find only good quality vintage items in the cleanest and most wearable condition; but given its aged condition, it is best to still manage expectations.